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Weather update from Dean Roellke, August 28, 2011 at 2:45pm

Dear Vassar Students,

As the storm subsides, if you choose to go outside, please be cautious. We can look, carefully, to resuming our scheduled activities, starting with dinner tonight at ACDC from 4:30 pm. There is considerable flooding in some areas on campus, however, and the substantial rainfall is likely to cause damage to and weaken trees. So please minimize your travel on campus. Avoid walking under trees and near any that appear damaged. Buildings and Grounds staff will continue to monitor the condition of the campus and address immediate pressing problems.

We plan to resume normal operations tomorrow morning, including advising sessions. We will begin classes as scheduled on Wednesday. Students who are not able to arrive on campus in time for the start of classes should contact the Dean of Studies office, and the College will be as flexible as possible in facilitating your arrival and working with your faculty members.

Many roads are closed and many forms of mass transit are still not operating. Please be patient as our region seeks to recover from this storm.

In addition, please know that we are still susceptible to power outages, in which case we will be back in touch with you with further instructions.

Again, thank you all for your good spirits and your cooperation.

Sincerely yours,

Chris Roellke
Dean of the College
Professor of Education
Vassar College

Posted by Office of Communications Sunday, August 28, 2011