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House Fellows

House Fellows, faculty members who live in the residential houses, serve as academic advisors and as members of the residential community who offer academic perspective and counsel. They also serve to broaden and extend the contacts between faculty and students in informal and nonacademic areas by providing support to the intellectual and cultural life of the residential houses.

Cushing House
Molly McGlennen,

Davison House
Jaime Del Razo,
Maritza Del Razo,

Jewett House
Adam Lowrance,
Lisa Lowrance

Josselyn House
Elliot Schreiber,

Lathrop House
Taneisha Means,

Main House
Abigail Baird,
Hiram Perez,
John Andrews,

Noyes House
Leroy Cooper,
Ryan LaBrozzi,

Raymond House
Kimberly Williams Brown,

Strong House
Lori Newman,  
Brian Wilkins,