Mission Statement

The Dean of the College division educates and supports students in their intellectual, social, ethical and emotional development.  We work with students as individuals and as members of a diverse and inclusive residential liberal arts learning community. 

We Strive To...

  • Create a safe, inclusive, responsible, and dynamic learning community.
  • Promote deep intellectual and social engagement for the purpose of productive citizenship.
  • Embrace the highest standards of academic excellence, personal integrity and respect for others.
  • Achieve our mission and vision through close collaboration with students, faculty, staff, administration and Vassar College Alumnae/i.

Division and Department-wide Priorities

  • Sustain the academic mission of the College and its curricular values and integrating them into the residential life of the campus.
  • Cultivate a safe, healthy, caring and vibrant campus environment in which students think critically, creatively and with social consciousness.
  • Engage students actively to promote self-awareness, community awareness and appreciation of and support for a diversity of experiences, interests, beliefs, identities and abilities.
  • Promote the use of informed and reflective personal and collective decision-making.
  • Develop skills for life-long learning.
  • Establish, in collaboration with all members of the campus community, the standards and expectations for living and learning in a residential liberal arts setting.